Lunchtime Catering


Bored with your typical office lunch of deli sandwiches? At Tutti Benvenuti, we are happy to offer you something a little bit different. Why not try our Argentine Empanadas? Empanadas are baked flaky pastries filled with a variety of savory ingredients.

Available flavors:
Traditional Beef (ground beef, green olives, hard boiled egg, raisins)
Humita (corn & cheese) *vegetarian
Creamy Spinach *vegetarian
Ham & Swiss Cheese
Spicy Chicken Tinga (chicken, chipotles, tomato)
Squash, Corn, & Spinach with Cheese *vegetarian
Corn & Black Bean *vegetarian

Lunch includes 3 empanadas per person, plus a delicious seasonal salad, and one alfajor (Argentine cookie) per person. The base cost is $15 per person. Please fill out the contact form below if you’d like more information, or to request a date.


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